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Hi everybody.

This was meant to be a fannish journal, but since I'm kind of between active fandoms right now I mostly post on a friendslocked filter about what I had for lunch. If this sounds fascinating to you, you might want to comment on any post on the housekeeping tag. It probably helps if we've already interacted, because like everyone else on livejournal I'm afraid of getting dooced or having my PWPs emailed to my grandmother. Et cetera.

When I have my own computer again I will vid, and I'm trying to work up the courage to face my WiP folder. That is about it!

(And I just realized "hardcore" has been in my profile as Free Speech LJ Protest for way too long, which is Awkward as I post to this LJ at work and am disinterested in hardcore! (music or film.) Interests hereby pruned!)