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Jun. 18th, 2016

Does anyone want a grabbag of perfume/samples I accrued when a friend who's a collector pawned a lot of her stuff off on me? Some partial bottles, lots of stuff that's not BPAL, some stuff that is BPAL. If you're interested and want details get at me - I'd accept some money for shipping, especially if you're in a place that's weird to ship to from the US.

Sens8 1x9

Mad Max: who's waiting for Nux?

This is just cut because it's a spoiler, it's one sentence instead of my usual postnuclear encyclopedia: Read more...Collapse )


Mad Max: second viewing and demographics

I saw it again last night and I have LOGISTICAL THOUGHTS. Please note that the second cut includes some pretty detailed stuff about pregnancy hazards, so do not read that if you should not read that!

The demographics of the Citadel and where warboys come from.Collapse )

The Wives' Quarters and reproductive health in a radioactive wastelandCollapse )

And then some agriculture. You know me and agriculture.Collapse )

A stupid postapocalyptic reality show I watched forever ago, the Citadel, cultural and military survival.Collapse )

Anyway, this is longer than most actual fanfiction that I have ever written, so I hope someone wants to talk to me about it. I also have new thoughts about who's going to have what job in the new Citadel, but I should save something for tomorrow's Mad Max of the day.

... I need an icon, probably.


Mad Max meta of the day

Is basically about people vs. things vs. masculinity and consent in this movie, but it's not a very well-articulated point (content warnings are spoilers, pm me?)Read more...Collapse )

I wonder how many more days of Mad Max thoughts I have in me. I'm seeing it again, uh, Friday and Saturday, so I guess we'll find out.


Mad Max-related research topics

Chernobyl's birds adapting to ionizing radiation. "Laboratory experiments have shown that humans and other animals can adapt to radiation, and that prolonged exposure to low doses of radiation increases organisms' resistance to larger, subsequent doses. This adaptation, however, has never been seen outside the laboratory in wild populations."

Extinction Events That Almost Wiped Out Humans. "The really interesting thing about a population bottleneck is the effect it has on evolution. With a small population, mutations get passed through a very large percentage of the species' members. Detrimental mutations could be devastating and lead to outright extinction. Beneficial mutations, however, could cause fairly fast shifts in the population."

From Arid, Salty Desert to Permaculture Garden: Greening the Desert Revisited (note: not a lot of data; still dependent on intermittent rainfall) Some thoughts on desertification, brieflyCollapse )

ETA 1: Salt-tolerant plants for the US Southwest - some of these plants are North America-specific, but, for instance, acacia is endemic to Australia and has edible seeds and shoots. (In fact, they're so salt-tolerant that they're an invasive plant in salinizing parts of the US). I just fell down a deep research rabbithole about bush tucker. The upshot: there are a lot of plants that will put up with a lot in their growing conditions, though they often get their revenge by being full of cyanide and requiring laborious leeching to eat.

ETA 2: Plants and animals of the Namib Desert (so closer to the actual filming location). Oh my god, fog beetles. What an interesting planet.


Mad Max continued

I'm going to mention Angharad, self-injury, and religion here.Collapse )

Apparently the next movie is already completely filmed (?) which is reassuring, and I imagine that we might get a better look at how to make the Citadel defensible. Read more...Collapse )

I'm going to post this unlocked in case anyone new wants to come talk Mad Max with me. Hello!



I have seen Mad Max. Come talk to me about it.


Amazon dash dystopia! I HAVE THOUGHTS.

So The Worst Things for Sale, a historically grumpy and hilarious misser-of-points about household objects, alerted me to the impending Amazon Dash button dystopia, and then I went looking for other opinions and some dude (significant) bloviating about how we'll miss those moments of emotional openness and vulnerability and quiet reflection that we used to find while shopping for more trash bags. Ian Crouch seems like a historically grumpy fellow as well, and I don't want to deny him his fun. And of course I have my questions about the Internet of Things, namely that the parts involved in making a coffee maker semi-sentient, or littering your house with individual, disposable plastic buttons with wifi transmitters contain a lot of ecologically complex metals and have to be manufactured by somebody.

At the same time, it's appealing to rant about the idea that we need to be emotionally available to our trash bag purchasing, and I'm going to do so.Read more...Collapse )



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